From Iceland with Love, Davíð & Armina

If you plan to be a part of a couple photo shoot in Iceland (or any type of shoots really), then you should know the following:

1. Do not trust the weather, go with the safe assumption that it´s going to be a bad one!

2. If you are thinking about wearing a cute outfit, know that it will in no way remain cute after the Icelandic weather is done with you.

3. If you think you will be able to take the pics in a dress or anything appealing, make sure to take blankets, sweaters, hats, mittens and everything else you can find, you´ll soon decide that you don´t even care how you look in the pics, your main objective is not to freeze.

3. Go with a hairstyle that would look good while wet or snowed, wind is a huge possibility so watch out for that too.

4. Cats always look good in couple pictures, if you find one put it to good use!

5. Remember that sometimes imperfections gives the best natural pictures, so try not to worry about anything in the meantime and just have fun!