All you need is Love "Beatles event"

Fueled by their love of The Beatles' legacy and music, a few of our dear friends had organized a "The Beatles" Tribute Party at Kira's Club last April 10, which is also the day The Beatles officially broke up, and we had the pleasure of chronicling the music-infused event with our viewfinders.

Now we all know that The Beatles made such a huge impact with their music and not to mention their influence on pop culture, so we were looking forward to spending a night out listening and paying homage to these great rock icons.

When you enter the club you are greeted by a lovely girl offering slips of paper with fortune type tips written inside, for everybody to pick from a bowl. Quite an uplifting & cheery start. They also have lovely postcards with the words 'All you need is love' on them, which you can bring home as a souvenir. There's also a photo booth at a corner where you can take cool pictures of you and your friends wearing veils or Beatles glasses with the British flag as a backdrop.

Everything starts as the music plays. The Beatles' songs from vinyl records can be heard all throughout the bar and everybody's having a good time enjoying the music at its best. Live bands like FurioSnails, who sang Yellow Submarine, and a few others also played Beatles song covers. Everybody had such great energy that it permeated the room and was quite infectious. You could hear the crowd singing along with the bands and dancing to the music, the atmosphere was amazing!

It was a fantastic night out, there was a lot of familiar faces and with great, great music was had.