meet my dear ciuvi Gabi & Cristina


Tadadadadadam! Loooong time I didn't photograph any wedding. I was so so so excited when our dear friends/ciuvi Cristina & Gabi told us they are organising a wedding! ‘yeaaaaaaayy partyyyy!!’ - was my first reaction and then ‘Can I take photos during the event?’ - was my second :D I hope they don’t hate me for that haha, oops. I kind of made it no choice for them to maybe have someone else to photograph the most important event in their life. BUT nevertheless I love you guys and I am so so so happy somehow to be part of your little family <3 meow! I hope you enjoy the little preview and thaaaanks everyone who made it possible for me to also be a bridesmaid and took the risk to use the camera as well >:)< Hugs and kisses, D.

Ciuuuuuuuvi, vă cuprind cu mare drag încă odată și să știți că sunteți minunați.