What should you know before visiting the Dead Sea in Israel

6 months of 2015 passed and we have already made quite some trips around the world. The most recent and memorable one was the trip to Israel. I will write more posts about this trip, because in just 4 days we saw soooo many places that all deserve a mention. The schedule was packed and we had to wake up at 6 in the morning and go to sleep after midnight to fully experience all the beauty :D

1. First of all I would recommend you to rent a car. Or to find some good local friends who have a car :) as we did. Make sure it has air conditioning, you will definitely need it. Plan your trips in advance, because most of the locals use their private cars and public transportation remains a misery for the ones who speak Hebrew. If you stay in Tel Aviv or other city near by, take into consideration that going to the Dead Sea may take up to 2-3 hours of driving. 

2. I totally recommend to stop and stay at a special area (spa or hotel) as they have great swimming pools and thermal baths. Also they will drive you to the dead see so you don't have to walk when its super sunny and hot outside. It should cost around 20 EUR per person for a day at these resorts and you will have a great day ever with the best view! 

It's a must to try the mud. They say it's healthy even if it smells weird :D Keep it on your skin for at least 20 minutes and then wash it off with the super salty water from the Dead Sea.

3. Last but not the least: some tips about floating without swimming in the Dead Sea. Did you know that it's allowed to stay in water for only 20 minutes? If you stay longer it can harm your skin. A must know also is: Don't ever dive or swim, or put any water in your face/eyes. It will terribly hurt and you will have the worst experience in your life :D Keep safe and wear a hat and special shoes. Go deeper, the water is cooler then and feels very nice. 

With love,