Luca’s day out


Luca's parents called us to take pictures of their beautiful baby's baptism in May. We love babies so we were really excited to meet Luca and to take pictures of him and his baptism.

We decided to visited their house to take a few pictures of him before the ceremony so he could be more comfortable and we can take beautiful portraits of him. Luca was so lovely during the shoot - he was such a cute and quiet baby, so it was a pleasure for us to take his pictures. He was so adorable when he was looking up at us while he was playing with his toys, quite curious of what we were doing. He was even sitting on his favorite rabbit toy! So cute! We also took portraits of him as well as pictures of him with his parents.

We headed to the church for the ceremony after taking some pictures. Even when Lucas was being lowered to the water, he was really calm and was very happy and interested to see everything because of the new surroundings he has never seen before. He didn't cry at all like most babies do.

Soon friends and family gather around the baby Luca and we took lots of pictures and made lots of memories of that day. All his relatives wanted to take pictures of him and Luca started to feel sleepy and we have great pictures of everything that happened! It was a really funny sight to see, so we were excited to share this to everyone.