Irina & Eugen Wedding Day

Irina & Eugen had a British-Style Wedding, which is not common here in Moldova, so it was interesting to see the ceremony. The couple's closest friends and family were invited to witness their union, so it was a close-knit celebration. It felt very cozy and everyone had this great disposition.

The day started with the Bride preparing for the Wedding. They went to the salon to have the lovely bride have her hair and make-up done.

After the preparations, the engagement party finally began at the restaurant. Everyone was having a great time. A photo booth corner was set up and the guests took pictures with happy smiles that made the pictures with the frame look even cuter.  Friends and family cheered well wishes to the Bride & Groom as they signed the wedding documents.

The party ended on a high note and everyone shared a toast to the happy newlyweds.