Diana & Ion Engagement

We woke up very early for Diana & Ion's engagement photo session, which is not something we do often. We drove out to the countryside to escape the city's noisy hustle and bustle.

They came upon a beautiful landscape—with tons of sunflowers covering the fields. There were some boats nearby drifting quietly in the lake. The couple climbed aboard the boat and basked in the amazing view the lake offered them. Both of them enjoyed the sun on their skin and the occasional sprinkling of water at each other while they wade their legs in the water.

After some time, we decided to find someplace cooler and away from the heat. We went to the forest so the couple can also have some private time together. Under the shade of the trees, they played with the swing the (Diana/Ion's?) father gave them. Diana wore a cute dress, which fluttered adorably whenever Ion pushed her on the swing.

Taking a quick break, they munch on some candies and ate lollipops. After eating, the couple frolicked with the balloons we brought. Laughing at each other, chasing each other around the apple orchards, it was an adorable sight to see.

Before heading back to the city, we stopped by to eat at a lovely Moldovan-style restaurant in the village. It had a quaint and cozy look and atmosphere, which the couple enjoyed.

We ended the photo shoot in the city, Diana & Ion eating cotton candy and ice cream while walking around small alleyways.

Seeing this couple spend time enjoying being with one another makes us so happy that they allowed us to witness this special moment in their lives.